Functional Movement Screen (FMS

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) was developed to assess the ability of an individual to perform basic movement patterns in a competent manner with the proper motor control and uncomplicated by specific skills that the individual may posess. The test is a 7 part standardized movement assessment that requires a balance of mobility and stability and demonstrates any limitations or asymmetries that exist.

Growing research suggests that individuals who score poorly on this screen are using compensatory movement during regular activities and overtime reinforce poor biomechanics and thus increase their risk of injury. The FMS is now widely used across all professional sports and has become a mandatory test at the National Football League's (NFL) draft combine as well as by many other professional and college teams to assess and correct movement problems.

Trinity Wellness Center clinicians regularly utilize this test throughout different stages of treatment. It can often serve as a part of the original evaluation to evaluate how an individual moves or often later on in the rehab process to ensure that we have not focused solely on the injury you came to us with and send you back into your life with other movement dysfunctions. We typically use the screen to guide specific exercises while establishing an objective way to re-test the impact that your therapy is having on your overall ability to move.

Trinity currently seeks to have all of its clinicians certified in the FMS. Owner, Luke Buffum, regularly gives presentations and provides screenings to a variety of groups including: Capital Run-Walk, NCSU Sports Medicine, The Galloway Running Group, and various exercise groups and local clinicians.