On-Site Services
Helping athletes perform at their best through injury prevention and rehabilitation.

On-Site Services

We are proud to provide on-site physical therapy services at some premier athletic venues in the Triangle.  Being on-site allows us the unique ability to be a part of the team at each of these facilities, providing specific return to sport management.  By being there in person, our physical therapists are able to work with the coaches to modify and assist the athletes throughout the rehab process.  In addition to providing sport-specific rehabilitation, we are also able to target injury prevention with the hopes of keeping our athletes healthy and performing well.

Triangle Volleyball Club

We have on-site services at the Wake Competition Center in Morrisville inside Triangle Volleyball Club, offering full-service physical therapy appointments.  PT and Triangle Volleyball Club team coach, Michelle Panzl, PT, DPT, leads all physical therapy services at this location. 

Triangle Rock Club

Triangle Rock Club

We have on-site PT services at the Raleigh location of the Triangle Rock Club.  In addition to full-service physical therapy appointments, we also provide education and injury prevention programs focusing on proper climbing technique.  Chris Ball PT, DPT provides all physical therapy services at this location

Raleigh School of Gymnastics

We have on-site services at Raleigh School of Gymnastics.  We offer full length physical therapy sessions, as well as FMS screening and injury prevention programs.  Matt McDougal PT, DPT is the lead therapist at this location

Our Committment is

Excellence • Compassionate Care • Prevention

Our three-fold commitment to you begins with our highly qualified physical therapy staff, including ABPTS Board Certified Specialists.  Our physical therapy services include Dry NeedlingFunctional Movement Screen (FMS), Sports Physical Therapy, Postural Restoration (PRI)Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (SASTM), Vestibular Rehab and Other PT Services. Our licensed physical therapists provide one-on-one sessions lasting 45-minutes. They are committed to maintaining a warm and loving atmosphere and designing individualized treatment plans that meet your unique needs and challenges.  We’ll empower you with education, home exercise programs, and options for rehab-based fitness to transition you back to an active lifestyle that will keep you healthy!

A Hands-On Approach to Physical Therapy

If you or a loved one is suffering from a painful physical condition, let Trinity Wellness Center assist you in making tomorrow a better, healthier day.  We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals!