Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy services include orthopedics, sports medicine, pediatrics and geriatrics. Trinity Wellness is your best choice for rehabilitation regardless of your age or ability level. Our practice has enjoyed great success working with injured adolescents, elite athletes, and the general population whether young or old. Goals for our clients range from competing in a marathon to holding a grandchild or simply walking without pain. We have sought to build a practice of skilled clinicians that can provide expertise for populations across the lifespan with all types of conditions.

Over the years, we have had the honor of working with a myriad of elite level athletes in the area including: professional and collegiate basketball and baseball, volleyball, tennis, football, soccer, and lacrosse players; as well as runners, triathletes, golfers, gymnasts, dancers, cheerleaders and tactical athletes such as police officers and firefighters. Our goal in working with athletes is to not only overcome the initial injury, but guide them through sport-specific training that prepares them to return without further injury risk and improve performance. A great deal of time is used to identify the imbalances or training issues that led them to get hurt. We often use the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to test and see that the athlete can achieve a score that research supports minimizes future injury risk. Trinity Wellness Center has also provided educational training to the NC State Highway Patrol, UNC-Chapel Hill, Galloway Running Group, Capital Run-Walk "Ask the Expert Series", Duke Raleigh Hospital Walking Club and NCSU Sports Medicine.

Trinity Wellness Center has also gained a reputation for excellence in spinal care. We have helped countless clients avoid spinal surgeries altogether and have assisted many others in recovering from surgical procedures, allowing them to return to active lifestyles even after very serious injuries. We utilize various manual therapy approaches including McKenzie and Maitland based approaches. A strong emphasis is placed on regaining proper balance between lower extremity and spinal mobility and stability training. Our goal is that each patient leaves our care with a manageable home exercise program that is going to maintain a proper level of flexibility and core strength to prevent further issues.

Chronic pain due to injury or disease is a debilitating issue that countless people face. Our clinic has been successful in helping many of these people because of the time and attention we devote to each and every client we treat. There are many underlying factors that affect chronic pain such as posture and biomechanics. We pride ourselves in critically analyzing each case to identify these factors and help the client understand how they contribute to their condition. Our comprehensive approach empowers our clients to take their condition into their own hands and actively manage it. We find it greatly rewarding to help our clients resume active lifestyles after having been sidelined by chronic pain.