Sports Physical Therapy
Helping athletes return to their sport with better strength, stability, mobility & balance.

Sports Physical Therapy

Our Sports Physical Therapy staff is passionate about working with elite and recreational athletes on injury prevention and rehab.  Several of our therapists have competed at a very high level and have a good understanding of athletes and sports injuries.  Owner, Luke Buffum, is a member of the NCSU Sports Medicine Staff where he consults in the rehabilitation of their athletes.

We have worked with gymnasts, swimmers, cheerleaders, dancers, golfers, rock climbers, runners, triathletes, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, and lacrosse players. We have
also worked with tactical athletes such as police officers and firefighters.  We have partnerships with NCSU Sports Medicine, Triangle Volleyball Club and Raleigh School of Gymnastics, where we provide onsite services.

Our core philosophy is that athletes should return to their sport with better strength, stability, mobility, and balance than they had pre-injury.  We utilize the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) as a tool to detect imbalances and faulty movement patterns to help our patients avoid future injuries.

In addition to providing traditional rehab, we also offer:

  • ACL Prevention
  • Agility / Speed / Plyometric Training
  • Biomechanical Analysis & Training
  • Concussion Rehabilitation
  • Jumping Programs
  • Throwing Programs
  • Running Programs

Trinity Wellness Partners

Trinity Wellness Center provides on-site Physical Therapy and injury prevention services for our following partners.  Click on a logo below to learn more about scheduling your appointment at these locations.

Our Committment is

Excellence • Compassionate Care • Prevention

Our three-fold commitment to you begins with our highly qualified physical therapy staff, including ABPTS Board Certified Specialists.  Our physical therapy services include Dry NeedlingFunctional Movement Screen (FMS), Sports Physical Therapy, Postural Restoration (PRI)Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (SASTM), Vestibular Rehab and Other PT Services. Our licensed physical therapists provide one-on-one sessions lasting 45-minutes. They are committed to maintaining a warm and loving atmosphere and designing individualized treatment plans that meet your unique needs and challenges.  We’ll empower you with education, home exercise programs, and options for rehab-based fitness to transition you back to an active lifestyle that will keep you healthy!

A Hands-On Approach to Physical Therapy

If you or a loved one is suffering from a painful physical condition, let Trinity Wellness Center assist you in making tomorrow a better, healthier day.  We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals!