Welcome to Trinity Wellness Center

Trinity Wellness Center specializes in orthopedics and sports medicine, offering the best in physical therapy rehabilitation for adolescent and elite athletes, as well as for the general population affected by various neurological and musculoskeletal dysfunctions or injuries.  Choose from the following to learn more about our physical therapy services.
Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Services ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics & everything in between.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapy designed for children of all skill & ability levels.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling

Dry Needling targets deep or stubborn areas that have not responded to other techniques.

Sports Therapy

Sports Physical Therapy

Sports Physical Therapy helps you return to your sport stronger than you were before injury.

Personal Training

Personal Training

Establish a safe and effective Personal Training routine to promote your overall health.

Other PT Services

Other PT Services

We offer a range of Other Physical Therapy services that will get your body moving.

Our Committment is

Excellence • Compassionate Care • Prevention

Our three-fold commitment to you begins with our highly qualified physical therapy staff, including ABPTS Board Certified Specialists.  Our physical therapy services include Dry NeedlingFunctional Movement Screen (FMS), Sports Physical Therapy, Postural Restoration (PRI)Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (SASTM), Vestibular Rehab and Other PT Services. Our licensed physical therapists provide one-on-one sessions lasting 45-minutes. They are committed to maintaining a warm and loving atmosphere and designing individualized treatment plans that meet your unique needs and challenges.  We’ll empower you with education, home exercise programs, and options for rehab-based fitness to transition you back to an active lifestyle that will keep you healthy!

Trinity Wellness Partners

Trinity Wellness Center provides on-site Physical Therapy and injury prevention services for our following partners.  Click on a logo below to learn more about scheduling your appointment at these locations.

A Hands-On Approach to Physical Therapy

If you or a loved one is suffering from a painful physical condition, let Trinity Wellness Center assist you in making tomorrow a better, healthier day. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals!
  • Jen is super thorough, and takes the time to understand the issue, and delivers proven strategies that adjust... read more

    Geoff Knight Avatar
    Geoff Knight

    Reasons to go here? It's a tie between adherence to COVID protections, and Matt who clearly understood the... read more

    A Saunders Avatar
    A Saunders

    Mimi is caring, competent and encouraging. The business is efficiently run and has a nice vibe!

    Matthew Kane Avatar
    Matthew Kane
  • Excellent care and attention to accurate analysis of condition and strategies for improvement.

    Katherine Keener Avatar
    Katherine Keener

    My doctor prescribed PT for leg pain. He suggested I seek treatment at Trinity Wellness, a facility with... read more

    Dina Deaton Avatar
    Dina Deaton

    Friendly staff and good care.

    Sarah Stallings Avatar
    Sarah Stallings
  • My therapist is very thorough and listens to me when I tell her what I'm experiencing. She is... read more

    Emma Niemi Avatar
    Emma Niemi

    I highly recommend Trinity Wellness! I could not be more pleased with their services. My therapist, Matt, is... read more

    Marisa DeLuca Avatar
    Marisa DeLuca

    Therapist listens and explains what she is doing and why.

    Louise Dawson Avatar
    Louise Dawson
  • Compassion and excellence

    David Sprague Avatar
    David Sprague

    Megan is an excellent physical therapist! The people who work at the Center know what they’re doing... read more

    Carol Allen Avatar
    Carol Allen

    Very nice people educated in proper care. It's a clean facility with a lot of equipment necessary for... read more

    Wendy Lassiter Avatar
    Wendy Lassiter
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    Louis Stamm Avatar
    Louis Stamm

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    Kendra Kempf Avatar
    Kendra Kempf

    I was referred to Trinity by my GP to address a pinched nerve on L4 that was causing... read more

    Louis Stamm Avatar
    Louis Stamm
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    Roberta Titchener

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    Paul Mikuta

    My doctor sent me to Trinity Wellness. My PT was Megan. She is wonderful in every... read more

    Liz Mills Avatar
    Liz Mills
  • Following surgery, I went to Trinity Wellness Center on the advice of my in-home physical therapist, and because... read more

    Susan Nunn Avatar
    Susan Nunn

    Following surgery, I went to Trinity Wellness Center on the advice of my in-home physical therapist, and because... read more

    Susan Nunn Avatar
    Susan Nunn

    My entire experience at Trinity Wellness Center has been nothing short of extraordinary ! The facility and equipment... read more

    Robert Bagnardi Avatar
    Robert Bagnardi
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    Susan Bell Avatar
    Susan Bell

    Megan is excellent and had lots of patience with me. Her knowledge, ability, understanding, and planing my therapy... read more

    Cary EMS Avatar
    Cary EMS

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    Michael Krasnov Avatar
    Michael Krasnov
  • Megan is excellent and had lots of patience with me. Her knowledge, ability, understanding, and planing my therapy... read more

    Marion Houle Avatar
    Marion Houle

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    Lindsey Carter

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    Jay Graham Avatar
    Jay Graham
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    Amanda Rales Avatar
    Amanda Rales

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    Nathan Mitchiner

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    Gwen Cox
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    Wright Jackson

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    Thomas Jacoby
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    Toria Bennett

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    Don Rodger

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    Sandy Roberts

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    Jesus Barreto

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    Deanna Roberts
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    Helen Hession

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    Martha Lowrance

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    Justin Cranford
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