Fit For Golf

FIt for Golf is provided by Rusty Hood, a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified physical therapist with over twenty years of experience in designing golf-specific training programs. Rusty performs a sixteen point golf-specific functional assessment that will reveal the restrictions that are preventing you from performing your best. He uses a TPI-based assessment to establish how you should swing in the most efficient manner possible. He will also look to analyze how physical limitations in your body can adversely affect your swing and potentially lead to injury.

A TPI based approach does not believe that there is only one way to swing, but there is one efficient swing unique to your body. A screen will help to incorporate not only your swing but take into account your overall quality of movement, fitness and health.

You will then be designed a specific training program with corrective exercises along with education to prevent or address injury.

Combining his knowledge as a physical therapist and a certified TPI specialist, Rusty is able to transition you from injury back to golf or to help those without injury get "fit for golf" and improve both performance and prevent injury.

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