Caitlin Espy


Caitlin is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She got both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Saint Francis University, where she earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Caitlin has experience working with both neurologically impaired children and children with orthopedic injuries and has a passion for helping children. Caitlin performed a 2-month clinical rotation at Trinity Wellness Center, where she was able to gain knowledge and experience in working with orthopedic and sports injuries. Caitlin's experiences have uniquely prepared her to serve is a dual role of a pediatric specialist as well as treat adult orthopedic and sports injuries. She is certified in SASTM, Integrative Dry Needling, as well as the FMS. Caitlin enjoys running, spending time outside and being with friends. She regularly trains to compete in half/full marathons as well as triathalon and Iron Man competitions. Caitlin is the Ambassador for Ainsley's Angels in Central Carolina, an organization that gives the special needs population the opportunity to run in races.